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Diamond is not only the hardest natural material but also high resistance, has high thermal conductivity, high index of refraction, high dispersion, and high luster. Due to these properties of diamond, they are used in industries as abrasive, heat sinks, diamond speaker domes, in making wear resistance parts etc.

Diamonds are used as cutting tools to cut or grind hard material. As we know diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material ranking 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, so they are widely used in industries for cutting or grinding purposes. Synthetic diamonds grown in the laboratory are widely used in grinding, drilling, and polishing procedures. Many small diamonds of gemstone quality that are too small to cut are used in industries.

Diamond has high thermal conductivity and can absorb or transmit excess heat. Due to high thermal conductivity, diamonds are used in microelectronics as heat sinks to prevent heat sensitive parts from excess heat.

A thin coating of diamond is also used to create wear resistance parts that can withhold high resistance, wear and tear, and abrasion.