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CVD Lab Grown Diamonds

Introducing Lab Grown Diamonds – An Alternative To Mined Diamonds!

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A diamond is nothing but a wedge of coal that did well under pressure. They are classifying based onthe different kind of pressures and conditions that applied to them for becoming a sparkling& eye-catching DIAMOND!It’s time to unwrap a few misconceptions. Head on!

Everything about lab created diamonds:

The diamond evolution has made every Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturerson pins and needles over the last five years. The diamond industry has witnessed a drastic Darwinismin lab-grown diamonds that are aesthetically and chemically identical to those mined ones.Basically, lab-created diamonds (lab-grown diamonds or man-made diamonds)& sometimes called cultured diamonds or engineered diamondsare created in a laboratory.They have the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers Words About CVD Diamonds or Lab-grown Diamonds…

Before getting confused with different terminologies, consider lab-grown, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), cultured, or man-made diamonds are the same. Primarily, there are two methods for diamond growing: CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and, High-pressure, High Temperature (HPHT).

(CVD) Chemical Vapor Deposition:“A CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamondwhich means, a material is deposited from a gas onto a substrate and that chemical reactions are involved”.This method is less-expensive and requiressmall equipment, and it can be easily controlled than HPHT as it takes more time. CVD process can result in various hues, and it can also be controlled by scientists as they can add other gases to the chamber for colors. Forexample, hydrogen for purple, nitrogen for yellow, and boron for blue.

At ABD Diamonds, we offer one of the large ranges of Lab Grown Diamond USA Type IIa diamonds which are the purest form of diamond. We can make them shinier and harder than 98% of the diamonds that are mined from the earth. A few years back, Type IIa diamonds have been available rarely but now, you can visit our store and get the Type IIa Diamonds without affecting the budget.

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ClassifyingCVD DiamondsBy Types!

Scientists have started recognizing the different types of diamonds since 1930. They have grouped diamonds into two categories which are Type I and Type II based on the transparency ratio under ultraviolet radiation. The CVD diamond has been classified into two types; Type I and II diamonds.

  • Type I Diamonds: These type of diamonds are defined by the intake of blue light and nitrogen during the formation phase. These type of diamonds include orange, yellow, and brown color diamonds.
  • Type II Diamonds: These type of diamonds are determined by the lack of nitrogen throughout the process of diamond creation. When it comes to comparison, these type of diamonds are rarest, and the most valuable than Type I. These include pink, green, red, and blue color diamonds.
lab created diamonds

With the years, they have classified these two types into two subcategories by the carbon arrangement and impurities. In 1959 scientists found that the nitrogen was the prime impurity in the diamond and that’s why Type I diamonds contain this impurity and Type II diamonds did not. According to researches, the majority of natural diamonds are Type Ia as it can’t be grown artificially.

On another end, Type Ib contain isolated nitrogen atoms that aren’t in pairs or clusters. These range of diamonds are rare and contain almost no nitrogen.

Type (Color) Natural CVD HPHT
Ia (colorless) Common --- ---
Ib (yellow) Rare Rare Available
IIa (colorless) Rare Available Available
IIb (blue) Rare Rare Rare
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Benefits Of Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have several major benefits compared to mined diamonds. Few of the benefits are defined below:

• Nature-friendly diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are the most eco-friendly diamonds as they help in eliminating the need for any environmental disruption. Although, diamonds can’t be created from the scratch. All the process require the seed of an existing sample to initiate the growth. Moreover, sporting a lab-grown diamond can reduce carbon footprints.

• Less expensive or affordable

Lab-grown diamonds are 30 to 40 percentage less expensive than mined diamonds. The price difference can be determined by certain factors. Mined diamonds price is determined by fluctuations in demand and supply. On another hand, man-made diamonds exist out of the demand and supply, and they are priced lump sum with the price of natural ratio.

• Ideal-shaped diamonds

If you are more concern about the ideal cut of the diamonds then lab-grown diamonds offer totally large range of choices. This is because the process is more controlled and it results in stones that are excellent in quality.

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