HPHT Diamonds

High Pressure and High Temperature Diamond

HPHT stands for “High Pressure and High Temperature”. CVD diamonds are developed using this process to replicate the exact process that takes place deep underground for the formation of natural diamonds. HPHT technology has evolved quite a lot over the past few years and that’s why

HPHT CVD diamonds

are gaining immense popularity as they phenomenally beautiful and affordable.

We are an Esteemed

HPHT Diamond Manufacturer

With over two years of presence in the realm of HPHT diamond manufacturing, we have earned the repute of a premier HPHT diamond manufacturer. We have a great infrastructure and we make the most of our resources to create visually appealing and first-grade HPHT diamonds which exhibit astonishing aesthetic beauty which is identical to natural diamonds.

What makes HPHT Diamonds Special?


Since HPHT diamonds are made in a lab under extremely controlled conditions, they are flawless. They do not have any imperfections.

Conflict Free

HPHT diamonds are devoid of any ethical or ecological issues. These diamonds are guilt-free because they are a comparatively sustainable choice.


Lab-grown HPHT diamonds have a rigorous quality check process in place and these diamonds are graded just like natural diamonds.


One of the prime reasons why HPHT diamonds are sought after is affordability. They are 25 to 30 percent cheaper than natural diamonds.

CVD and HPHT: Head to Head Comparison

Type (Color)NaturalCVDHPHT
Ia (colorless)Common------
Ib (yellow)RareRareAvailable
IIa (colorless)RareAvailableAvailable
IIb (blue)RareRareRare

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