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Diamond manufacturer

work on different types of lab-created diamonds. Industrial Diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colors are created. Being one of the growing

rough diamond manufacturers

of India, ABD Diamonds has a collection of lab-grown,

fancy cut diamonds

to select from.

Each of the polished diamonds is a work of art and brilliance. One of the things that are paid attention to while purchasing any diamond is its ‘shape’. The collection of ABD Diamonds includes diamonds of different shapes like round, heart, oval, pear, etc. When it comes to the sizes of diamonds, the small loose diamonds are given extra care.

Factory made diamonds

have managed to win the markets with its pocket-friendly rates and high-quality manufacturing. Some of the types of sustainable diamonds that have been contributing to the happy moments and that we have in our exquisite collection are Asscher, cushion, emerald, radiant, marquise, princess, etc.

Introducing Diamonds By Sectors!

Various Types of Diamonds Offered By Us

Industrial Diamonds

Industrial Diamonds

We offer top-notch industrial diamonds designated for industrial purposes, mainly used as cutting tool or abrasive. They are used for a wide array of purposes including grinding, drilling and polishing.

Polished Diamonds

Polished Diamonds

We are India’s leading polished diamonds manufacturer offering polished diamonds to customers across the globe. These diamonds have to undergo tremendous processing and are widely popular.

Polished Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

As an esteemed rough diamonds manufacturer in India, we have an extensive inventory of raw and rough diamonds. Check out our finest range of rough diamonds now.

Polished Diamonds

Small Loose Diamonds

If you are looking to get a truly customized piece made according to your specific requirements, then small loose diamonds must be your pick. Get in touch with us and pick the ones that suit your preferences.

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