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The best lab created diamonds - Something Shiny, Something Beautiful!

Lab-created diamonds - The name says it all, a category of diamonds that were manufactured in a laboratory. Unlike the mined diamonds that are extract through the earth mining process. Innovation has given rise to many questions like, are Lab Created Diamonds USA real or not? The answer is yes! The only difference between natural diamonds and lab created diamonds is its origin.

The rising demand for lab-created diamonds has aspired many entrepreneurs to start the business on the specific kind of diamonds. Why do people attract towards lab created diamonds or single crystal diamonds? It can be due to the diamond characteristics that represent modern love and the progress of technology. Moreover, they are cost-effective, ethical in nature, and environment-friendly - such features have captured every diamond-lovers' heart! ABD Diamonds can be your one-stop destination to fulfil all the diamond needs. So, what will you prefer? Walk with the trend!

Why Should You Choose Us?

When you choose to work with ABD Diamonds, you are assured with integrity, quality, and pocket-friendly services to create a reputable business status. We are recognized effectively among other Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers and we pride upon our quality services and customer relationship.

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Type IIa

We provide lab created diamonds which is the purest form of diamond. The inclusion of just 2% of all mined diamonds being Type IIa, we offer valuable and rare collection.

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Eco Friendly

We ensure the quality of our diamonds and all our diamonds are eco-friendly alternatives of mined diamonds.  

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Here, we offer nothing less than quality-rich products. And for that, we take care of the diamonds throughout the entire process.  

Diamonds Variety

We introduce different varieties of cuts.

Every diamond has a different shape, size, and color and buyer too have different requirements.We believe, "satisfying customer's requirement is our responsibility"; thus, we strive effectively to grow by polishing and cutting rough diamonds to make it look attractive, shiny, and priceless.

  • 0.5 Carats to 4.0 Carats
  • Colorless, Pink and Blue
  • D-M Color
  • VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 and SI1 Clarity
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Difference Between Lab-Grown Vs. Mined Diamonds

Lab-Grown diamonds are categorized as the quality diamonds. And with having Type IIa, you can certify them as the purest form of diamonds. Also, they are not only harder than traditional type Ia diamonds but, also more brilliance or shinier. According to researches, only 2% of mined diamonds have this kind of perfection.

As a ratio, 98% of mined diamonds are of type Ia and they are very common. With the quality, they also contain many impurities. Mostly, these range of diamonds are used for industrial applications.

These range of diamonds are created without adversely affecting the earth or polluting the soil.

No one can guarantee to complete the process without conflict. Even after, it is certified by the Kimberly Process.

Lab-Grown diamonds impact minimum on the earth and society. For every 1 Carat Lab grown diamonds, there is approximately 0.007 square meter of land that is getting disturbed and 70 liters of water that is being used.

Mining natural diamonds can result in excessive carbon emissions and greenhouse emissions which can drag you to deteriorated air quality and pollution. As a study, for every 1 Carat diamond mined, there are 9 square meters of soil getting disturbed and 500 liters of water that is being used.






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