4 Global Industry Trends Influenced by Man Made Diamonds

Global Industry Trends Influenced by Man Made Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds’ popularity has increased quite dramatically over the past few years. Now deemed a perfect replacement for natural diamonds, their battle has not been a cakewalk. Battling for acceptance for almost 60 years, lab grown diamonds are now influencing key global trends. Lab grown diamond jewellery’s demand is soaring phenomenally and lab grown diamond jewellery manufacturers couldn’t be more excited.

Lab grown diamond suppliers say that this popularity will only increase in the years to come. That’s the reason you can easily find quality lab grown diamond jewellery in USA as well as India. Below are listed a few global key trends influenced by lab grown diamonds. Let’s get started.

They are Accepted as Mainstream Gems

Earlier deemed ‘fake gems’, lab grown diamonds are now well-received and appreciated. In fact, both lab grown diamond jewellery manufacturers and buyers have accepted man made diamonds as mainstream gems.

As you may already know that natural diamonds or blood diamonds take no less a billion years to form. Diamond mining caused significant damage to Mother Nature. Besides, it was not safe for the labor involved in the mining job due to which natural diamonds were criticized time and again.

Lab grown diamonds are 100 percent safe and the millennials are simply in love with them.

Diamonds Became Affordable

Gone are the days when diamonds were only for the elite who could afford expensive natural diamonds known for their rarity. Diamonds were apparently not for everyone.

Lab grown diamonds are way cheaper than natural diamonds. In fact, they cost you 20 to 30 percent less money to buy them.

Industry will be $15 Billion by 2035

Lab grown diamond jewellery manufacturer say that diamonds are simply magnificent and enigmatic. The rise of lab grown diamonds have made is bound to increase and have a positive and long-lasting impact on the industry. These diamonds are affordable and well in reach of buyers who cannot afford natural diamonds. No wonder, the industry is estimated to reach a whopping $15 billion by the year 2035.

The Number of Lab Grown Diamond Lovers will Increase

Companies engaged in the business of lab grown diamond jewellery in India say that millennials are pretty much influenced by other millennials and fashion influencers. They find fashionistas going gaga over man made diamonds on social media and fashion magazines and get inclined towards purchasing synthetic diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are shaping the course of the global jewellery industry and owing to their versatility, affordability, and quality, it can be easily concluded that they are here to stay for many decades.

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