Advantages of Lab grown Diamonds

Lab grown Diamonds

What are Lab grown Diamonds?

Lab grown Diamonds are the talk of the town right now in the jewellery industry. These are also known as CVD Diamonds. Lab created Diamonds are those that are produced above earth and are created in labs. It is chemically equal to a mined diamond. They consist of actual carbon atoms that create diamonds. This does not mean that these are artificial ones, they are pure natural diamonds. Let us see the procedure of lab grown diamonds.

Methods of creating man-made diamonds

Lab grown depends on typically two manners. Either by high pressure, high temperature or by chemical vapour deposition. These HPHT and CVD, synthetic diamonds are matched with mined diamonds on the earth.

Benefits of Lab grown Diamonds

  1. Diamonds are produced under skilled professionals, and no child labour are used.
  2. Lab grown Diamond companies make sure that diamonds are grown in highly controlled lab environment.
  3. No soil movement, no air pollution, less of water is used, and there is no risk in terms of work environment as compared to mined diamond creation.
  4. Lab created diamonds are of superior quality with perfection.
  5. These diamonds are usually ‘D’ to ‘E’ in color with ‘vs2’ clarity.

The price and value of lab grown Diamond jewellery that the company offers come with clarity, and cuts of mined diamonds. Because they are being created and not mined, these diamonds draw a huge benefit making high importance of these stones. It is affordable and worth it. Lab grown diamonds are sustainable diamonds, and eco-friendly with very less carbon foot print. If you are fond of buying diamonds from the lab grown diamond companies, they can surely help you find the natural diamonds and you can check the laser inscription on the diamond itself. A microscope can help you observe these inscriptions on the diamonds.