Designing Your Dream Engagement Ring? Learn Some Basics

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An engagement ring is one of the most valuable additions to your prized possessions and it stays with you for a lifetime. It is the symbol of your love. We understand you want it to be the most special piece of jewellery which reflects your personality and is very thoughtfully designed. You already started dreaming right? Bespoke ring is a magical concept where you choose to customise your engagement ring so that you could cherish it for a lifetime.

Well, designing an engagement ring involves a lot of crucial aspects. Read on to learn some basics.

Choose your diamond

The heart of any engagement ring is the diamond. That’s the first thing you need to choose while designing your ethical manmade diamond ring. Decide the shape, color, and size of the diamond for your ring. Ask your jeweller to curate diamonds options that fall into your price range, style choice, and size range. You could share the references if you have any.


Setting simply refers to the ring style and how the diamond is set in the center. It serves the purpose of securing and supporting the diamond while adding that additional appeal to the ring. There are a variety of ring settings you could choose from like bezel setting, tension setting, Tiffany setting, pave setting, channel setting, etc.

Band style

The band is a part that goes around your finger. This element is very important for the reflection of your personality in your ring. You could choose from the delicate band, wide band, twisted band, or split shank.


Engagement rings could be created from different precious metals. When it comes to durability, beauty, and price, each metal has its pros and cons. Weigh all the factors and choose the metal that works best for you. There are a myriad of options you could choose from like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, two tone, and titanium.


If you are involved in athletic, sports, or household activities, that might be tough on your jewellery. In that case, you should choose a durable ring design. Go for the bezel setting and lower karat gold or platinum metal as this configuration is sure to hold up to your active lifestyle and you could retain its quality for years to come.

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