Engagements In The Time Of COVID-19

Lab grown diamonds

In the face of the global health crisis due to the wake of the novel corona virus, we are all living a quarantined life and are standing strong against this global pandemic. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have your engagement coming up or are planning to propose the love of your life in the near future and is looking for engagement ring options.

Amidst being a couch potato and binge watching your favourite shows for the 100th time, we understand you are also looking forward to a stunning ring. You might have your plans in place like buying an engagement ring or an engagement celebration, but you have to postpone it considering the current scenario.

You might be facing a rush of mixed emotions. But hey! You are not alone. You are at the right place. We are here to walk you through this situation with much sanity.

If You Are Someone Who Has Just Decided To Buy A Ring

Well, if you are someone who has just decided to buy a ring, you have a lot to do and could make the best of the quarantine period. Utilize this time to do all the required research that would lead you to buy your perfect ring for your special occasion. If it requires you to coordinate with your partner, you could do it in a hassle-free manner during the quarantine days. Here are certain things you should look into as that will help you a lot in choosing that perfect ring –

  • Research about the 4Cs
  • Decide your budget
  • Look for trending engagement ring styles
  • Choose the shape of the diamond
  • Learn about the ethical advantages of lab grown diamonds
  • Dig deep into ¬†lab grown diamond jewellery¬† vs mined diamond jewellery

If You Are Someone Who Has Already Conducted The Research

If you have conducted your research and have it all planned out, you might have considered your next step as buying your ring from a store. Unfortunately due to the lockdown, you could not do that for the next few days. But you could do the next best thing – research online to find the ring designs that align with the design you have in your mind. If you have any specific design in mind or if you have queries, you could consult a jewellery expert and take their help to find a perfect ring.

Team ABD Diamonds is here to help you with your questions, whether you are confused about the grading of lab grown diamonds or is seeking help with choosing the right ring or have any concerns related to the budget. We will ensure you have everything planned in advance so that our team could work their wonders once the situation gets better and you can get your ring at the earliest.

We are all in this together. Stay strong and safe.