Ethical Benefits Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab grown Diamond Manufacturers

Lab-created diamonds are the revolutionary diamonds that have brought in change in the diamond industry. These diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. Apart from these, lab-grown diamonds are pocket-friendly and conflict-free yet scintillating and sparkling. Lab grown diamonds are a great way to enhance the mining-free jewelry offerings without compromising on any quality that mined diamonds possess. They are formed in the same manner, have same characteristics, and beams gorgeously exhibiting the same fire and shine as the mined diamonds. We have listed down the Ethical benefits of Lab-grown Diamondsthat every jewelry aficionado should know.

Solving The Issue Of Child Labour

The dark side of the industries working in the earth-mined diamond business is ‘Child Labour’. This unethical practice is carried out in many industries, including the diamond manufacturing companies. According to the International Labour Organization, approximately 215 million children (5-18 age group) work in exploitative conditions in such mines. With a rise in the lab-grown diamond companies, there are chances of a reduction in the number getting exploited in the hazardous mines.

Less Harmful Environmental Impact

The amount of harm caused by earth-mined diamonds is immense. 200-250 tons of earth needs to be sifted through to find just one carat. The heavy machinery used to carry out the process ends up causing a lot of damage. The CVD diamond manufacturers have leveled up the game by coming up with a process that does not harm earth intensively.

These are important ethical benefits of Lab-grown Diamonds. If you are looking for such quality-ethical diamonds, ABD Diamonds would be the right choice. ABD Diamonds is the emerging successful Lab-grown Diamond Manufacturers in India. We believe in providing a gem like you the best diamond available.