Everything You Would Want To Know About CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds

Many of us do not understand or have never heard the name CVD diamonds as it is not an acronym that the world outside the diamond industry would know. CVD diamonds are really worth understanding. Let us learn why these stones are considered to be the most special and how to find the right one.

CVD diamonds –CVD is another name for man-made diamonds. Chemical vapor disposition is a process undertaken in a lab-grown. They are sometimes known as synthetic but let the term fool everyone. From the internal atomic structure till the finished product CVD diamonds are identical to the mined diamonds as they are also excavated from the grounds. They look exactly like real diamonds even a well-trained jeweler cannot identify the difference.

How Are CVD Diamonds Made And How Fast They Grow?

Growing these is a unique process. A thin seed like is placed inside the sealed chamber at a high temperature. To make sure that the carbon released is attached to the seed, a gas mixture is introduced which breaks down the molecular bonds resulting in a new and larger diamond. The process is a slow one as the moving rate of the microns per hour in much less which takes a minimum of a month of time to grow a diamond.

How To Choose A Diamond?

Like CVD there are also polished diamonds available in the market which provides interactive tools in selecting from the factors of price, color, carat, and clarity. You can select from the various options available and compare from one diamond with the other. Even these are ethically from the mined diamonds and mining firms do supply rough cut of diamonds. Unlike CVD these have no connections to its size and shapes.

Is CVD The Right One To Buy?

If you are looking to choose a CVD diamond then enquire with us about it and we can give you the ethical benefits of choosing one as it is a lab-grown option.