Interesting Facts To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond Manufacturers

Lab-grown diamonds are in vogue these days and they are widely accepted by people across the globe. The previous year witnessed an upward trajectory in the acceptance of lab-grown diamonds. In fact, the production of lab-grown diamonds has reached 2 million carats as of in 2019. Around 61% of millennial are considering lab-grown diamonds in their jewelry. So, we have attempted to demystify lab-grown diamonds to clear all your doubt regarding its authenticity. Let’s get down to some interesting facts about this lab-created beauty.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are known by various names in the market such as lab-created diamonds, lab-made diamonds, cultured diamonds etc.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are authentic, real diamonds. The chemical composition of lab-grown diamonds is similar to the mined diamonds that are found from earth’s crust.
  • Lab-grown diamonds last forever just like mined diamonds. It is chemically, physically, visually the same as the naturally mined diamonds. Its shine is everlasting and you can even pass it on to the upcoming generations.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are created using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) procedures. Leveraging technology, a dedicated facility is created by diamond manufacturers in which diamond seed is subjected to the same environmental conditions as in the earth’s crust for the formation of diamonds.
  • All the high-quality lab-grown diamonds fall under the category of Type IIa diamonds. Only 2% of the mined diamonds have that level of perfection to be eligible to come under this category.
  • Lab grown diamonds are sustainable and have great environmental and ethical advantages over mined diamonds. Owing to the use of laboratory procedure for lab-created diamonds, environmental issues like deforestation, ocean pollution, and the irreversible damage that occurs due to open-pit mining are eliminated. Also, it creates more employment opportunities.
  • Lab grown diamonds are economical as compared to mined diamonds. They are almost 25-30 % less costly than their natural equivalents.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, cruelty-free, and are sourced ethically from first world countries. It does not put any worker to dangerous working condition and maintaina safe and sound environment.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are graded in same gemological labs as earth-mined diamonds. The Same 4Cs technique is used to grade the lab-created diamonds.In fact, lab-grown diamond companies have specific government standards to meet before their diamond disclosure.