Lab Grown Diamond Care Tips

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamond jewellery requires the right care just like any other precious stone jewellery or natural diamond jewellery. Proper care of your lab grown diamond will ensure longevity and an enhanced look every time you don the jewellery. It also helps maintain the shine and sparkle of your diamond jewellery.

Care Tips To Follow While Wearing Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery

When you want to wear your diamond jewellery, always apply your body care products like moisturiser, sunscreen, perfume, and lotions before you wear your jewellery so that the chemicals from these products do not cause any harm to the diamonds and the metal.

When you take off your jewellery, always wipe it gently to remove the oil residues and perspiration and dust accumulated on the surface of the jewellery. Make sure to follow this simple routine every time you keep your jewellery back safely in the jewellery box.

Avoid wearing your lab grown diamond jewellery when you indulge in activities like house cleaning, exercising, and swimming. This will help in preventing your diamonds from dust, harmful chemicals, and perspiration. Also, never wear your jewellery in chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs.

Storing Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamond companies suggest some significant tips for storing your precious diamond jewellery.

Wrap jewellery in a soft silken cloth

While storing jewellery, wrap it in a soft cloth to keep your jewellery and precious stones safe. Then, place it in a fabric-lined jewellery box or pouch to keep your jewellery safe.

Keep your jewellery away from dust and pollution exposure

Store your diamond jewellery in a way that it is not directly exposed to dirt and dust. Keep it away from getting dusty/dirty.

Store it separate from other sharp objects

Always make sure you do not store your jewellery with any sharp objects or other imitation jewellery. Storing everything together might cause scratches on your precious diamonds.