Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Redefining The Concept Of Luxury

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Earth-mined diamonds ruled the roost in the diamond industry and are considered a sole luxury for years now. But with the establishment of the fact that lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds and the galore benefits that lab-grown diamonds has to offer, people are widely accepting these new lab-made gems and as a result lab-grown diamonds companies are growing exponentially.

Diamonds are considered to be a kind of luxury and the ones produced in labs are completely shifting the idea of luxury by debunking the myths of ‘value in origin’ that marketed mined diamonds as a luxury. The long-standing idea that mined diamonds are a luxury owing to its origin from the earth’s bowel which is often marketed as ‘rarity’ is nothing but a myth. If we go but the numbers, every year 150 million carats of diamonds enter into the system and mined diamonds are easily accessible by each and every individual which debunks the myth of value due to its rarity or origin.

With the evolving shopping patterns and much more awareness today, young, conscious, and savvy buyers are accepting lab-grown diamonds as real diamonds and are redefining luxury. Luxury is making a conscious and sustainable choice while still getting the same sparkling fine diamond jewellery. Consumers today are demanding social and environmental responsibility from the industry and hence lab-grown diamonds are a new representation of luxury when it comes to choosing fine jewellery.

When you gift diamonds, you gift something valuable and millennials today believe that lab-grown diamonds being conflict-free and environment-friendly represent ‘value’ in true sense.

Let love and not carbon footprints be your legacy. Do you need more information about lab-grown diamonds, industrial diamonds, or coloured diamonds, feel free to reach out.