Lab Grown Diamonds Reshaping The Diamond Industry

Lab Grown Diamonds

In the modern times, we have seen unprecedented changes in a lot of industries. People are becoming conscious of their choices and sustainability factor has gained profound importance. More than ever the world today is encouraging ethical practices in consumerism and production. Today, assessing the environmental impact of our choices and consumption has become imperative as climate crisis is heading towards the point of no return.

Taking a closer look at the diamond industry as well, the generation Z or the millennial generation who are the main buyers of diamonds are now giving more importance to lab-grown diamonds. Owing to the sustainable, conflict-free and ethical nature of synthetic diamonds, people are making a shift towards it, leading to the sparkling growth of the lab grown diamond industry.

With the rise in lab grown diamond companies, we cannot deny the fact that manmade diamonds is all rage and is literally reshaping the diamond industry. A nearly 70 percent of the millennials say they would consider purchasing a lab grown diamond instead of the mined one. A lot of celebrities have come out to support these ethical diamonds by proudly donning lab grown diamond jewellery.

Leveraging advanced science and cutting-edge technology, human-made diamonds are grown in lab with same chemical DNA as that of mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are grown through the same exact processes that occur in the earth’s bowel. Hence, in terms of quality and physical, chemical, and optical properties, there clearly is no difference between the mined diamonds and the lab-grown diamonds.

There is no doubt to it that lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. The Federal Trade Commission of US have altered the definition of diamond by removing the word ‘natural’ from it and thereby acknowledging lab grown diamonds as real diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are slated as the future of the diamond industry and growth curve of the lab grown diamond market and its vast acceptance clearly seem to supports the anticipation.