Lab Grown Diamonds – The New Rage Among Millennials

Lab Grown Diamonds

Knowing what’s hot in the diamond industry is very important to conscious consumers. Whether you are looking to grab the best deal on your next purchase or are considering buying diamonds for investment, keeping a track of the latest trends is imperative.

It is no surprise that the diamond industry is evolving greatly. This year, every diamond manufacturer should be prepared for the major changes to undergo.

Lab Grown Diamonds the choice of Millennials

lab grown diamonds - Choice of Millennials

Millennials are making more sustainable choices regarding their diamond purchases. They regard diamond purchases as an investment for their future and hence they consider factors necessary.  Hence, we can correctly say that lab grown diamond has become a trend and steadily gaining momentum. The factors driving this change are:

Impact on environment

In just a few years, making environment-friendly purchases will not be a choice but a necessity as the industry must make changes that align with climate change in order to survive. Since lab grown diamonds have a significantly lower impact on the environment than earth-mined diamonds, it has become the new rage. Not to mention, these diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds and hence they don’t differ from mined diamonds in the eyes of customers. In fact, millennials think that it adds meaning to their diamond purchases when they choose lab grown diamond jewellery.

Adorned by celebrities

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz or Meghan Markle are seen advocating and flaunting their CVD diamond jewelry. Fashion followers like to keep an eye on trends set out by celebrities. When a celeb advocates a product or brand, the audience easily tends to follow and thus it is one reason why millennials are shifting towards lab grown diamonds.

Variety of shapes

Engagement and wedding rings signify new beginnings and hence millennials prefer making environmentally conscious choices as they embark on their new journey. To add to the beauty of engagement rings, there are various fancy cut diamonds available in stellar shapes. The most preferred shapes for engagement rings are round, oval and heart. Furthermore, the reflectance of factory made diamonds add to their charisma!

As an affordable option that is at par with the expensive mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds offer eco-friendliness which adds value to the purchase which most consumers are willing to happily accept. As the purchasing demographic shows a changed behaviour, the industry will surely adapt to the change, making way for lab grown diamond manufacturers.