Lab Grown Diamonds: The Resale Value

Lab grown Diamond Companies

One of the major considerations before buying a diamond is its resale value, whether it is a lab grown diamond or a mined one. As a diamond lover you sometimes decide to turn in your old diamond for a good return and at times you need to do it for some cash. Either way, you want a good resale value. This is where lab grown diamonds have an edge over their natural counterparts.

According to the famous e Lab grown diamond Companies, mined diamonds are always sure to lose value. Yes, there are exceptions as well. If you have a pretty unique and exceptionally large ring, then it can be a different scenario, but that is not too common a thing. Mined diamonds are usually priced at between 30 to 70 percent of their actual price when it comes to their resale value.

Lab grown diamonds also tend to lose their value, but not as much as mined diamonds do. They use Four C’s concept into account to determine their resale value. The same concept is used for mined diamonds as well.

Remember that diamonds are meant to be treasured, but as humans we tend to keep their resale value in mind while buying them. So, if you were confused about buying lab-grown diamond jewelry considering its resale value, you can stay assured now as it has higher resale value than their natural counterparts.

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