ManMade Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds – The Confusion Made Clear

Manmade diamonds

Diamonds – As we say this word, we picture the shining images of a flawless, transparent, glass-like, crystal-clear gem. Since time immemorial, diamonds have been the symbol of purity, being associated closely with human relationships, eternal commitment, and unbreakable bonds. They are among the most meaningful and valuable gemstones and the reasons are obvious.

Now, let’s jump to synthetic diamonds. What basically are manmade diamonds?

Deep within the earth’s crust, carbon atoms under extreme pressure and heat are forced together to form the crystalline structures which we call diamonds. This natural process that results in the formation of diamonds potentially requires millions of years. Moreover, locating and extracting mined diamonds is an expensive and dangerous process.

With the advancement in technology, the same process that occurs in the earth’s crust can be replicated in the lab. Wondering what is the end result? The diamond crystal with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as of the diamond that we extract from the earth’s crust. We call it manmade or synthetic or lab-grown diamond since it is created in the lab, eliminating the need for mining. CVD diamonds are the latest rage in the diamond world that has won the hearts of many millennials.

Being a new invention, lab-grown diamonds bring along certain questions with them which a lot of our clients ask us. As an industry-leading diamond manufacturer, here we address – whether lab-grown diamonds are a real deal or not as compared to mined diamonds.

As stated above, lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are created using the same basic process that occurs naturally in the earth’s crust – carbon atoms put under extreme heat and extreme pressure forcing them together. Instead of occurring in the earth’s crust, the process occurs in the lab, giving the ‘same’ end result. And as we say same, we mean literally everything same.

Lab-grown diamonds are structurally and chemically identical to mined diamonds. There is no difference (except the difference in their origin which is for the greater good – saving the dangerous process of mining, reducing the diamond cost, and aids in creating a diamond in a fraction of time.) Just as natural diamonds, they are used in the finest jewellery making and can also be used as industrial diamonds for various industrial purposes.