Significant Tips For Buying Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Since time immemorial, diamonds have made a statement as a prized possession. A lot of people these days consider splurging their pretty penny on loose diamonds. For the novice buyers of lab grown diamonds, we are here to keep you away from getting ripped off by bringing the needed clarity for buying loose lab grown diamonds.

Things to consider while buying loose lab grown diamonds

4Cs Grading


Carat weight is a significant factor that may not be evident to a naked eye but has a direct impact on the diamond price.


A structurally perfect and a chemically pure diamonds are crystal-clear and transparent and has no hue. It is considered as a diamonds of higher value as compared to the coloured diamond.


A brilliantly cut diamond is appealing. A poorly cut diamond despite having good colour grade and clarity looks dull which leads to a decrease in its value.


Clarity is directly associated with the value of a diamond. The purity or cleanliness of the diamond defines its clarity.


Diamonds are available in a variety of shapes. While buying loose diamonds, prefer choosing round diamonds only, unless there is an extremely particular preference for you.


Make sure you check the authenticity of the diamond certification provided to you by the jeweler or the lab grown diamond company. Diamonds should be certified from an authorized and reputed lab. Diamond certification also serves as a medium that exhibit the individual characteristics of a diamond.

Choose a reputed diamond company

For buying loose diamonds, choose a reputed diamond company like ABD Diamonds that is in the market for years now. The company you choose should have a reputation for providing premium, high-quality and excellently crafted lab-created diamonds.

If you have any further queries about buying loose lab grown diamonds or lab-created industrial diamonds, feel free to drop us a line and our team will get in touch with you to resolve your queries.